Organization & Career Development

The outcome of the needs analysis is a detailed report on the occupational requirement, job title and the list of competencies associated with each job. This information will support the Human Resources department to establish a clear career path for each employee and develop precise job.

Establish Career Development Plan.
Perform Training Needs Analysis (TNA).
Design, Develop & Implement a Training Plan (SOTR)
Design & Develop Training Curriculum/Courseware (SAT)
Provides E-Learning Solutions
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Etihad AIS provides professional services, support and technology to assist our clients in optimizing their human capital.
Challenges include understanding:

  • How well the organization performs
  • Where the gaps are in the performance
  • How these gaps may be addressed
  • Options to develop individual and team performance

Systems Approach To Training (SAT)

Logical problem-solving process - Every step of the SAT process is a repercussion of the previous step. An identifiable chain of events justifies every action within the loop. SAT identifies effective and efficient training - every part of the training has been identified as being essential to the job, and no unnecessary training is given.

Provides a Training Management System
Proven Approach to Establishing Training Requirements
Integrated & Comprehensive System
Comprises of Logical & Interdependent Stages
Provides Information to Assist Training Decisions Based on Detailed Analysis
Responsive to Change

Systems Methodologies

Etihad AIS provides professional service support and associated products through the transfer of knowledge, technology and methodology.

Operational Requirements Analysis Definition & Documentation
Functional Baseline Analysis & Definition
Operational Concepts Documentation (CONOPS)
Interface Control Documentation (ICD)
Concepts for Employment / Use Documentation (CONEMP / CONUSE)

Quality Assurance

Etihad AIS provides independent Quality Assurance for clients through agreed Quality Plans that use Verification and Validation checks to confirm that the solution or service meets specifications and that it fulfills its intended purpose. The approach contrasts significantly with the conventional consulting practice that relies on a team of staff, many of whom are commercially inexperienced, or lack the ability to integrate effectively with Defence staff.

Design & Establish Quality Training System
Acquisition Support (RFI, RFP & RFQ)
Independent Quality Assurance
Independent Test & Evaluation
Independent Verification & Validation (IV & V)