Emergency Response Plan

Every facility should develop and implement an emergency plan for protecting passengers, employees, visitors, contractors and anyone else in flight and facility. When an emergency occurs, the first priority is always life safety followed by the stabilization of the incident. There are many actions that can be taken to stabilize an incident and minimize potential damage.

Hazard Identification Risk Analysis (HIRA)

HIRA is a systematic risk assessment tool that can be used to assess the risks of various hazards. HIRA is useful to the emergency management profession, and it: Helps emergency management professionals prepare for the worst and/or most likely risks. Allows for the creation of exercises, training programs, and plans based on the most likely scenarios. Saves time and resources by isolating hazards that cannot occur in the designated area.





  • Identify Hazards
  • Use a structured approach
  • Be comprehensive and do not dismiss hazards prematurely
  • Employ lessons learned and experience supplemented by checklist





  • Identify existing controls
  • Determine risk based upon the severity and likelihood of the outcome
  • Assess risk
  • Identify mitigation strategies
  • Develop safety performance targets
  • Develop monitoring plan

Safety Programs

Safety is of utmost importance in aircraft maintenance and operations. Our teams, in collaboration with our partners, are specialized in identifying training requirements, design, develop and deliver the following:

Safety Management

  • Risk Assesment and Management
  • Safety Management System
  • Hearing Conservation Programme
  • OSHA Record keeping and Injury Report
  • Safety Management System Auditing and Risk Management and Safety Audit


Industrial Safety

  • First Respondent (First Aid)
  • Environmental Control
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Fire Emergency Action Plan
  • Fire Prevention
  • Basic Safety Harness
  • Construction Site Safety
  • General Electrical Safety Awareness
  • Modern Office Safety
  • Ground Support and Operations
  • Equipment Safety
  • Confine Space
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Basic Workplace First Aid.


Airworthiness Programs

  • Aviation Maintenance Management
  • Aviation Safety
  • General Safety
  • Airfield Familiarisation and Safety
  • Procedures Flight Safety
  • Cabin Safety
  • Ground Safety
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Safety Management System
  • Human Factors Operational Control