Skill and Competency Development – Military & Commercial
(Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy)

National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS)

NOSS are agreed statements specifying competent performance expected in employment, which comprises of knowledge, skills, and aspects of competence, required of an individual performing in the workplace, in a work-related function or occupational area. NOSS encompass the ability to transfer and apply knowledge, skills, and aspects of competence in new situations and environments.


CDP Development Process

CDP is the process of overlapping organization’s needs with the individual employee’s career interests. It is described as an ongoing process of gaining knowledge and improving skills that allow an employee when in alignment with the organization’s needs and individual career interest, the opportunity to advance in their career.





Etihad AIS staff expertise includes extensive International Defence experience and knowledge, together with substantial international commercial business skills.

Training Staff Development

To conduct a successful training, instructor plays an important role. Etihad AIS has developed a series of
training and courses to train your instructors/staff to be effective trainers.

  • Train & Certify
  • Deliver Training (TTT)
  • Develop Practitioners
  • Develop Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Recognition &  Accreditation

Etihad AIS has established and maintained robust National and International business relationships in many countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, Malaysia and Europe.

  • Align Training to Meet the National Qualification Authority Requirements (NQA)
  • Training Courses
  • Graduates
  • Training Centres